"I Didn't know How to Build ANYTHING before I got chickens... So it was Nice to have SIMPLE plans...
 IT WORKED!"   -Andy
Watch the video below and Andy will tell you why he loved these plans...

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Here is what some of our customers have said about us.....

Dan Orasi 

What a fun project, I loved every minute of it. Such a nice change from everything having to be perfect. I even fired up the cnc and carved some decorations and a hen shaped window. .

Ryan E

Thanks for the plans!
I built a modified version of the Post and Beam coop (a foot wider in each direction, a foot taller) for my dozen or so girls.
They love it!
Thanks again.

Alan (Maine)

This is the simplest set of plans to follow, especially for a beginner. There is a roost on the inside and welded wire to keep out predators. 

Bill (Virginia)

I think the chickens will enjoy their new hen house.  Thank you so much for the awesome plans..... :-)

Tom n Barb (Tennessee )

We used the plans provided and increased the size to 6x8, and added a second door for easy cleaning. We also Mae the windows smaller and added a chicken door.

Deb (Antelope Valley, CA)

The molding on the door is left over redwood fencing and will also cover each corner of the coop (girls like pretty). But for now, the girls love their new home. Now I have to clean out the stall in the barn they've been in for the past month...ugh ;)
Thank You for these easy to follow plans!
Watch this Video to see how The Timber Shed is Built
The first step in building any great chicken coop or barn is to start with a great plan... 
A wise man once said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Following these Chicken Coop Plans makes building a Chicken Coop so much easier! There is no guess work involved, every step has been thought out and designed to make it easy for you, and even easier on your pocket book.  
What used to require the knowledge of skilled craftsman, can now be done by the average do it yourselfer.  
Wouldn't it be great if you could build a great Chicken Coop with some simple tools and basic know how?

These Chicken Coops are designed to incorporate simple joinery using screws and some simple techniques.
If you can cut small boards with a hand saw, drive screws with a power screwdriver, and swing a hammer then you can build your own Chicken Coop with these plans.
We have planned everything out for you, all you have to do is get access to our chicken coop library today!   
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4x12 Covered Run Back Yard Chicken Coop 

Material Cost on this coop = $800 or Less  Houses 12 Hens 

6x10 Pastured Poultry Chicken Tractor 

When I first saw this Chicken Tractor, that Joel Salatin was using for his pastured poultry I was impressed by it's simplicity of design, light weight, and ease of use.
I just had to build one myself, so I searched the internet for plans...
Material Cost on this coop = $150 or Less Houses 25 Broilers  

4x4 Chicken Coop Plans

Build a chicken coop with these 4x4 chicken coop plans that can be easily disassembled moved and reassembled in your back yard.
Material Cost on this coop = $500 or Less Houses 6-8 Hens 

3x6 Portable Garden Chicken Tractor

Use this cute little portable Garden Chicken Tractor between the rows in your garden.  I'm still working on these plans, and will be adding them to your account as soon as they are done. 
 Material Cost on this coop = $200 or Less Houses 4-6 Hens 

10x20 Chicken Mansion (Also makes a great shed)

This is the ultimate Chicken Mansion!  You can use this shed to house your hens, store your feed, and even have room left over for storing garden tools.  Just be sure you build a divider to keep the chickens from pooing on your tools!  
Here is what you get in the Chicken Coop Plans Library...
  •  Video How to Guides: that will help you learn certain techniques and secret tricks that will help save you time, frustration, and most importantly money, while you are building your new chicken coop.  
  •  The Plans: 4 complete sets of Chicken Coop plans that you can print as many times as you need. There is enough information on the plans for you to build your Chicken Coop from scratch. You will know exactly what size lumber you need, where to make your cuts.  
  •  Materials Lists: No unnecessary trips to the hardware or lumber yard.  Each Chicken Coop Plan includes a detailed materials list so that you will know exactly what materials you need to build that chicken coop.  
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